De Kleine Akker

Between the gardens of the Kerkakkerstraat and the pastoral garden of the Sint-Trudokerk you will find De Kleine Akker. The uniquely designed building accommodates nine patio houses and five apartments. Each one unique, just like you!

Living in a garden

In De Kleine Akker you live in a beautiful green, safe, and secluded garden. With the age-old trees of the pastoral garden in the background, it feels like you are in an oasis of tranquility. In the development of De Kleine Akker not only much attention was paid to the design of the building, but also to the public space and the connection with it.

For example, the entrance to the plan area is decorated with lush greenery with wild vines. Beautiful beech hedges are placed in front of the houses and at the entrance to the scouting grounds of Sint-Rafaël. Stylish paving in various shades of grey are combined with grass tiles on the parking spaces. These not only contribute to the green look of the plan, they also ensure a natural drainage of rainwater.


Stylish and modern, friendly and open. These elements come together in the architecture of De Kleine Akker. The different shades of grey of the brickwork, the window frames and fences form a beautiful contrast with the wooden facades. They are made of solid hardwood, which ages naturally. Super durable, just like the solar panels and the green roofs. The round corners of the woodwork form a nice contrast in the brick facades. Thanks to the partitioning over two building blocks and two floors, the space is used optimally, and the small-scale layout of the plan is preserved.

Patio houses and apartments

On the ground floor of De Kleine Akker there are nine patio houses and on the first floor you will find five apartments. The large windows all around provide plenty of light and an optimal spatial experience. The sophisticated floor plans enhance this: living, cooking, sleeping, bathing and washing on one floor. Here you experience the convenience and comfort of living on one level.

Go outside!

All houses in De Kleine Akker have their own outdoor space. The patio houses have a lovely private garden at the backside. The apartments have a beautiful balcony. All positioned in such a way that privacy is optimally guaranteed, both for the houses in De Kleine Akker and for the neighboring residents. In addition to a private outdoor space, all houses have an outdoor storage room. Perfect for putting your bicycle away and for storing the containers.

Ready for the future

De Kleine Akker is ready for the future. In harmony with the green environment, the houses are sustainable, energy efficient (EPC = 0.4) and all-electric. This thanks to the application of high quality materials and durable installations. Living carefree!